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The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Again, the legend of the Minotaur a being part human, part bull could have arisen from exaggerated accounts of bull leaping in ancient Crete.

Minos too turned to Daedalus, requesting him to build a Labyrinth, from which the Minotaur could not escape. Myth, a symbolic narrative, usually of unknown origin and at least partly traditional, that ostensibly relates actual events and that is especially associated with religious belief.

It is distinguished from symbolic behaviour cult, ritual and symbolic places or objects temples, icons. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.

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Internet URLs are the best. The use of "minotaur" as a common noun to refer to members of a generic species of bull-headed creatures developed much later, in 20th-century fantasy genre fiction.

After he ascended the throne of the island of Crete, Minos competed with his brothers to rule. Minos prayed to Poseidon , the sea god, to send him a snow-white bull, as a sign of support the Cretan Bull.

He was to kill the bull to show honor to the deity, but decided to keep it instead because of its beauty. He thought Poseidon would not care if he kept the white bull and sacrificed one of his own.

The offspring was the monstrous Minotaur. Minos, after getting advice from the oracle at Delphi , had Daedalus construct a gigantic labyrinth to hold the Minotaur.

The Minotaur is commonly represented in Classical art with the body of a man and the head and tail of a bull. From Classical times through the Renaissance, the Minotaur appears at the center of many depictions of the Labyrinth.

Androgeus , son of Minos, had been killed by the Athenians , who were jealous of the victories he had won at the Panathenaic festival.

The common tradition is that Minos waged war to avenge the death of his son and won. Minos required that seven Athenian youths and seven maidens , drawn by lots, be sent every seventh or ninth year some accounts say every year [12] to be devoured by the Minotaur.

When the third sacrifice approached, Theseus volunteered to slay the monster. He promised his father, Aegeus, that he would put up a white sail on his journey back home if he was successful, but would have the crew put up black sails if he was killed.

In most accounts she gave him a ball of thread, allowing him to retrace his path. Theseus killed the Minotaur with the sword of Aegeus and led the other Athenians back out of the labyrinth.

On the way home, Theseus abandoned Ariadne on the island of Naxos and continued. He neglected, however, to put up the white sail. King Aegeus, from his lookout on Cape Sounion , saw the black-sailed ship approach and, presuming his son dead, committed suicide by throwing himself into the sea that is since named after him.

This essentially Athenian view of the Minotaur as the antagonist of Theseus reflects the literary sources, which are biased in favour of Athenian perspectives.

The Etruscans, who paired Ariadne with Dionysus, never with Theseus, offered an alternative Etruscan view of the Minotaur, never seen in Greek arts: The contest between Theseus and the Minotaur was frequently represented in Greek art.

The enormous number of rooms, staircases and corridors in the palace has led some archaeologists to suggest that the palace itself was the source of the labyrinth myth, an idea generally discredited today.

Some modern mythologists regard the Minotaur as a solar personification and a Minoan adaptation of the Baal - Moloch of the Phoenicians. The slaying of the Minotaur by Theseus in that case indicates the breaking of Athenian tributary relations with Minoan Crete.

Cook , Minos and Minotaur are only different forms of the same personage, representing the sun-god of the Cretans, who depicted the sun as a bull. Pottier, who does not dispute the historical personality of Minos, in view of the story of Phalaris , considers it probable that in Crete where a bull cult may have existed by the side of that of the labrys victims were tortured by being shut up in the belly of a red-hot brazen bull.

The story of Talos , the Cretan man of brass , who heated himself red-hot and clasped strangers in his embrace as soon as they landed on the island, is probably of similar origin.

A historical explanation of the myth refers to the time when Crete was the main political and cultural potency in the Aegean Sea. As the fledgling Athens and probably other continental Greek cities was under tribute to Crete, it can be assumed that such tribute included young men and women for sacrifice.

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