Nyx fire emblem

nyx fire emblem

Anime picture with fire emblem fire emblem if nyx (fire emblem if) yasuyuki syuri long hair single looking at viewer light erotic black hair red eyes holding signed. Okt. Nyx - Fire Emblem Fates. Gefällt Mal. I am a Nohrian Dark Mage. Juli Dieser Guide listet euch alle Charaktere aus Fire Emblem Fates auf. Okt. Nyx - Fire Emblem Fates. Gefällt Mal. I am a Nohrian Dark Mage. Liste der Charaktere in Fire Emblem Fates. Auflistung aller Charaktere in Fire.

As soon as I felt it poke into my armor, I suspected something had gone awry. I knew the sword was meant to pass harmlessly through me by some trick And so, after careful consideration, it seemed best to remain mum.

But then the sword pierced my armor and continued its merciless plunge At the last moment, when death seemed certain, your spellbook saved the day!

My insight into the future is never wrong. Though it is rare that these glimpses are as clear as they were in your case. It must have something to do with your simple mi— I mean your pure heart.

In that case, I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude! Can I have your assurance that everything will go swimmingly? Just give me a general outlook.

Let me peer into the mists of what is to come Keep your wits about you. Wh-what will I have done to deserve that?! It is with a heavy heart that I inform you Your prediction was spot on.

Lady Elise was furious with me. Tell me what happened. The dinner began as planned. We took our seats without incident. I was asked for my preferred drink and said that water would be fine.

My senses must remain undulled by drink if I am to properly perceive injustice! I was feeling particularly parched and threw back my glass in one gulp.

The waiter had mistakenly given me a glass of clear spirits. I quickly felt disoriented and confused Not quite cognizant of my surroundings, I reached for some bread.

I lifted it to my lips, took a bite, and I can see how you might confuse those long tails of hers for baguettes. But I can bear anything so long as you laugh away my bad luck, as you just did.

I think you can rely on me for that much. Your summons sounded urgent. My fair Nyx, thank you for meeting me.

There is indeed a pressing concern I had to bring to your attention. Pardon the delicate question, as I know a lady never tells, but How old are you?

Were I to answer that My looks are deceiving. Many years ago, a magical experiment went wrong, preventing me from aging further.

Well, it does put paid to my concern. I worried that you might be too young for No, the time for hesitation is past!

My fair Nyx, I would like you to marry me. I have here an engagement ring for you. Yes, I see that. I would be happy to accept your proposal.

I foresaw it, you see. I knew the day we met that it would lead to this. From our first meeting?! I-if you always knew this would happen What do you know of our lives to come?

I see a child. A beautiful son, born to the two of us. I vow to be a steadfast husband to you, fair Nyx. I know you will. Better than I could ask for.

That much I can see even without my second sight. The cap is stuck on this bottle! I need it for my curses. You ripped off the top half of the bottle!

That broken glass could be dangerous. With enough pressure, it might! I feel really good about this. I really let you down. Do you mind if I practice on you?

This should be interesting I was in town and saw a fortune-teller crack open a shell to read the future Reading cracks is a popular method.

I can manage that. You see that big rock? The rock is absolutely covered in cracks. Now, let me study these cracks for a moment and come up with your fortune Nothing is coming to me.

Effie, I hate to break it to you, but you really need to practice first. I think I see a few more rocks I could try That workout was intense!

Effie, all of that training is making the rest of us look bad. If you were a little bit bigger, you would be much more powerful! Let me just grab you by the ankles.

Why is your other hand around my neck?! Wh-what are you doing?! If I pull with all my might, we can stretch you by a few inches. I let you down.

I know you were trying to help. Can you spare a moment? I command you to stop infringing on my identity, knave! Your innocent act is ill sorted with your menacing aura!

And therein lies the fault! You and I are cut from the same dark, mysterious cloth. What are you babbling about?

More than impressive—your past looms large and hungry behind you. It lurks, it leers, it lunges out from the shadows, forcing me to acknowledge You are my true peer.

A fellow spelunker in the darkest of abysses. In this as in all things, understanding is a superfluous luxury! All you need know is this: And I was hoping we could be friends.

You sent a messenger to have me meet you here. What did you need? We are allies in shadow, you and I. We walk the same lonely path of endless dusk.

When I acknowledged that in you, we formed a bond not easily broken There can only be one dark paragon! Two cannot stand together at the summit.

And so we must settle this in the only true way: Are you saying that you want to have a duel using black magic? We shall duel using the ominous names of our cursed relics.

First is this accursed talisman The fetish affixed to my left hand, a fell relic wrought of ash and misery Graugang, the Gray Doom!

Now it is your turn to reveal the true name of one of your cursed relics! How do you even DO magic? Like you said, I seem to have a natural talent for it I was all wrong about you, Nyx Your behavior is unbecoming of a diabolist!

Turn in your tome and your profane effigy! Can you at least tell me the names of your spells? What is it now?

The mere sight of you is a testament to my own inadequacy I learned more of your past. Your origin story, your attitude—you are the avatar of annihilation here.

If only I had a tragic past like yours Trust me, Odin, my past is nothing to envy. To tell the truth, I actually envy you.

And it looks to me like following that passion actually brings you happiness. I would give literally anything to feel that.

Eternal youth is also eternal stagnation. Go on being Odin. Thank you for that. Why did you call me out here? The child that will be born to us.

A child who might inherit your calamitous might, as well as my own sacred blood We will continue to exist in our child, like a bridge connecting us to the future This is your roundabout way of proposing to me?

A cowardly, indirect proposal is hardly behavior for a mysterious, shadowy figure. A proper practitioner of the fell arts would just ask directly, consequences be damned!

Your words strike with the force of the most fearsome curses Odin, did you have something to say? But every time I look at you and your unholier-than-thou aura, I feel unworthy Will you stop doing that?

I told you once. I accept who you are, regardless of how malefic you might not be. I know you say that, but This is your last chance.

Please accept this ring and marry me. Give me an example. You know of what I speak. I was excited to hear a few choice morsels from those tightly pursed lips.

Indeed, I understand nothing very well. Which is more than I can say for you. What on earth are you saying?

I relish getting a rise out of them and their hypocritical faces. This is why you say such foul things? Regardless, I caution you to cease this foolishness if you wish to avoid tragedy.

That is my final warning. The next time, I will take drastic action. Do your worst, little girl. And I do mean that. You should have heeded my warning.

I never was one to back down from a threat. And as I recall, I encouraged you to do your worst. And see you shall.

What did you do? I cast a spell. Good bluff, little girl. Do you know what happens to naughty little children who lie? They get What did you do to me?!

I told you already. I cleaned up that foul language of yours. Now do you see that I make no empty threats? You change me back right now!

Perhaps further measures are needed. You reap only what you sow. Now this army can have some peace. How did it feel to be unable to voice a single lewd thought?

It certainly seemed distressing, which is why I reversed the spell so soon after. How unusually contrite of you. Are you that desperate to keep your tongue?

What I said to you was against my policy. I heard rumors about you long ago, when I was a kid. The girl who grew up as a prodigy in the dark arts She wove wicked spells without a thought and brought suffering to all she met.

But one day she went too far and paid a terrible price. Also called Nyx the Nefarious, also called the Dread Child, and so forth.

But what does this have to do with your policy? I came up rough. And is that all you wanted to apologize for? But what of the others?

What do you want from me? I owe you that much. Then try to rein yourself in at least a little when you speak. I think I can take it down a notch or two.

But it speaks poorly of you that you enjoy terrorizing people with your vile tongue. An older woman, eh? The better to drown her in a torrent of the filthiest talk I can dream up.

You asked to see me, Niles? You see, the reason I called you here was so that I could— Nyx: Your proposal attempt was not entirely unexpected I am a damned soul, who has caused the deaths of hundreds You will never find happiness at my side.

A contact of mine thinks he might have a line on something that could lift your curse. Can it really be? The spell is broken.

Nyx, I want you to This ring is the proof of my love for you. Were we to wed When I think of you employing that gutter mouth of yours against others My skin burns, as if with jealousy.

I demand no less treatment from my soon-to-be husband. What are you doing sitting by yourself? Nothing much of anything, really.

One of those places off the beaten path, with a small but devoted clientele. Would you come with me there? And if you were to smile as we sipped our tea, why, that would be sweeter still.

Then ask some other girl. If you knew my crimes, you would call me monster, as others have before you. But if you ask me, no one in this world is truly innocent.

And "monster" is an awful thing to call oneself It depends on the crime. Mine was a particularly grave one Would you call me monster, too?

It was a strange question. I came here determined to make you happy, but I was ill equipped, it seems. What can I do for you? I apologize for the other day.

Whatever you may have done I could never think of you as a monster. And the same is true for me, Nyx. No matter your crimes, committed long ago Yours is a face built for it.

I should revise my opinion of you. We can tell each other about ourselves. Sounds like a good time. Nyx, I have a question for you. With all the things that change in this world, are there any constants?

Is this a remark about my condition? I should have waited Now what was it you were saying? Something in this world that never changes. And what might that be?

The feelings I carry for you. And I want to know Would you marry me? A constant love, hm? How can you be sure that these feelings will never fade?

I have feelings for you as well. I love you so much that I think I could give you my whole heart. But even so, we cannot marry.

Nor could I expect you to bear mine. But with burdens so heavy My calling in life from now on is to put a smile on your face. Look at me, lost for words before such a young man We make each other laugh.

I will marry you. Do I fascinate you that much? In form, at least, I am a young girl. Was that all you came for? D-do you want some candy? What is it this time, Benny?

I-I just wanted to offer my help. In case you needed any But if I may ask, what brought this on? There must be a lot of things that are hard for you.

In such cases, I prepare a stand or stool beforehand. I have my ways of handling what needs to be handled. Just like any adult.

This curse is a punishment I must bear. You did something that bad? Even as I am, I can do most of the things adults can.

You can tell me if you need help. Was there anything else? You can call me anytime you need. I want to make myself useful.

And allies are supposed to help each other. I appreciate that, Benny. I was deep inside a divination trance.

What were you trying to find out? Anything I can about my frozen youth. If it never worked before I met you, Benny.

It vexed me at first, but in time, I accepted what I had become. I could be happy I might even get married. I-I think you can be happy just the way you are now Will you marry me?

I love you, you know The punishment or curse or whatever you want to call it I accept everything about you I accept as well, Benny.

You and I should be together forever. I feel bad for you, Nyx. It must be hard to get what you want, looking like that.

Do you have a problem with that? There is something very strange about such a young-looking person saying that. Physically, I will always be this way.

What good would that accomplish? I suppose there might be some merit to that Give it a shot! Of course, but— Charlotte: Who better to do it than me?

OK, think back on when you were younger. Remember how you acted when you were hungry. No good, no good! You need to let it out.

I want to do it all the time. I want to stop. You were doing well! For a moment, I thought it was possible. Of course, but I have to do it.

Gentle and proper, helpful and attentive All I can do is do what I must to be popular. The way you are normally—like right now—is quite attractive too.

But men tend to like my act more than my normal behavior. But what about you, Nyx? Do you ever pretend to be someone else? I did behave like a I did it so I could try and live my life alone.

I did horrible things more times than I can count. OK, forget what I said before, Nyx. If I were, would you come into the water with me?

I was joking anyway. We have mirrors at camp for that. Mirrors are too accurate. I prefer a slight amount of distortion.

Try not to stay out too long. It can get cold here by the shore. I thought I might find you here, Nyx. Hello again, Prince Leo. Yes, you arrived just in time.

Or are you early? Ehem, the point is, exposing youself in that way would have been dangerous. Were you looking at your reflection again?

Even after decades in this body My image of myself, and the way I actually am The gulf between them never seems to shrink.

Indeed, as the years pass, it only widens. Is there no way to lift the curse? So you know, then The curse on me is an extremely potent one. But even if it did I might have to remain in this form regardless.

Because this condition is a punishment. I was too young Even the harshest judge usually allows for the possibility of atonement.

Who did this to you, Nyx? Good day to you, Prince Leo. You asked me not long ago who laid the curse on me. It may be myself. Long ago, when I was young, I discovered I had a gift for the dark arts.

Such power in the hands of a child, as you can imagine, lead to the deaths of many. One of the spells I wove took its toll, preventing me from maturing further.

But as time went on I started to wonder if I deserved this form. Close your eyes, Nyx. I wish to use my own magic on you.

The one inside your heart. I disagree with you. I think your punishment has been more than sufficient. I doubt it will be easy. But setting your punishment aside for a moment Let us both consider the matured, adult Nyx of your own self-image.

Would she not forgive you? Would she not allow at least for the possibility? If I may call you that. Are your eyes closed? What can you see now?

She is speaking with you On the shores of the lake What do you see? But the Nyx I see has the body of a child Next to that Nyx, I see myself, beaming with joy.

The young Nyx has a contented look on her face as well. In between us is a third figure, that of a very small child. Whatever I might look like, my heart is that of a fully grown woman.

It is not to be trifled with. That was not my intention. Now, Nyx, open your eyes. Nyx, I want you to marry me. I want to start a happy, loving family with you.

What I did was unforgivable. None of that bothers me. I accept you just as you are—as you always will be.

So will you marry me? Thank you, my prince. Are you getting enough meat? Oh—are you a vegetarian? Maybe drink lots of milk? So be careful, and consider her feelings before you speak.

I will never grow, no matter how much I eat. This body is a curse. I should have expected that this would be somewhat difficult for you.

Are you making fun of me? I brought you some pork! Aww, did I leave you speechless? Dig in, and grow up big and strong! It just so happened I had some left over, is all!

No matter how much I eat, I will remain this way. Do you understand now? So all the stuff you eat This is not an appropriate line of discussion to have with a lady.

I did terrible things. And there I was, running my fool mouth. That sounds like a horrible curse! It must be hard on you. But with this curse of yours What happens if you eat a lot right before a battle?

How do you handle that?! I eat so much that just imagining it gives me the willies pretty fierce. I suspect you may need more time to grasp my situation From an early age, I showed promise in the use of the dark arts.

I used the blackest, most forbidden spells as freely as I pleased. I ended the lives of many innocents.

Until one day, I cast a certain spell that took its toll on me I found myself frozen in this state, never to age another day.

At last, you understand me. Yeah, I get it now. This is the price I must pay for my crimes. That means you can act a fool and no one can ever get mad!

No one will ever say "Act your age," because you ARE! Think of all the things you could get away with if you wanted!

I try not to make a fool of myself. What a revolting idea. Why would anyone deliberately overstuff themselves? Nothing that interests me, no.

I have the mind of a fully grown adult. The ability to act like a child is of no use to me whatsoever. I could say the same about you!

Very kind of you. Out of curiosity, is there anything you want? Are you planning to give me a gift? It was just a simple question!

Not what you had in mind? What I really wish for is a normal life, like the people around me. You can have that now! They could never love me back.

But I love you! The actual you, standing there! You want a family, right? You will grow old, but I will always look just the way I do now. So what do you say?

Prince Xander, is there anything that troubles you? An odd and unprovoked question. Why do you ask it? And I asked first. Is there anything that troubles you?

Not at the moment You dissemble, prince, but I know the truth. My apologies, Nyx, but I believe the art to be a sham and a ruse.

Then it is fortunate that I am not relating a prophecy. Say what you will, but I have no troubles. I must go hence to plan the next offensive.

Unless you foresee disaster there too? But promise me this. Come see me before the strain becomes too much to bear. You came straight away, I see.

Answering a question with a question, are we? But you surprised me. Answer the question, please. What did you think was troubling me?

May I be frank? You have my leave. The fighting troubles you. The truth is that you have no desire to kill your enemies. But in war, their lives can mean nothing.

You must have no qualms in taking them. This puts you in a difficult position. You seem to be in pain. You are noble in spirit as well as blood.

As the eldest prince, you always put your kingdom first. But that is also your weakness. You should not have to sublimate your own feelings for the greater good.

You must give them voice and be true to yourself on occasion. Tell me, on what grounds do you say all of this?

Must I explain myself? I thought as much. So, you truly are aware of my feelings on the subject. I must be going now. Thank you for your time. For myself, and for you as well.

Prince Xander, we must talk. If this is more soothsaying You asked me before what grounds I had to say those things. You assumed I knew what I did through soothsaying, but that is not the truth.

In you, I saw something that felt familiar. The crown prince of Nohr must surely know why I am called a monster. I am forever young in form, and not through any fault in my bloodline.

Why do you think that is? Even at a young age, I was skilled in the dark arts. I cast eldritch spells with ease. But the power proved too much for a child.

One spell, cast half in jest, cost many people their lives. The toll it took on me caused my body to be frozen in time.

There were times when I wanted to die rather than deal with what happened. But I live on, hoping that someday I might find a way to atone for my crimes.

It makes one wonder what the point of it all is. If all I do is kill, am I really winning my salvation? You and I may be more alike than I thought.

You summoned me, Prince Xander? I have a proposal for you. Stats Growths Mods Pair Up. Nyx, Cursed by Youth single ending Nyx was offered many honors and positions of power, but refused them all to live among the people.

While she is not listed in official records, bards tell of an eternally young fortune teller of eerie skill. His wife, Nyx, was indispensable with her vast experience and magic abilities.

He was beloved by trainee knights for his great patience. Scholars believe his luck improved slightly after the war. There are no records of Nyx from after the war, but supposedly she only used her magic to help others.

He frequently visited old friends and got lost on the way home. Nyx is currently featured on three cards in Fire Emblem Cipher. Cookies help us deliver our services.

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Both Forrest and their son Kana are crossdressers, which over the years Nohr has grown used to, but now they are going to have to go through that same process again in Valla. This wiki contains spoilers. Je besser dieser ist, desto besser harmonieren sie auch im Kampf. Dafür trefft ihr auf einige Boss-Charaktere oder aber auf Charaktere, die ihr nach Kämpfen anheuern könnt. How about pairing her up with someone who boosts her skill and Hit? Remember Me Forgot password? Je besser dieser ist, Beste Spielothek in Oberrohrbach finden besser harmonieren sie auch im Kampf. And as she got older, she needed someone to turn to, for both friendship and sex. Not easy at all. Azuras Klasse der Skaldin ist eine Ausnahme! Je besser dieser ist, desto besser harmonieren sie auch im Kampf. I might have known the Hoshidan army would be here. Ein neuer Test Another Trial. Corrin and Forrest has been struggling to keep with the financial pressure of living in Nohr. Dann kennst du das Schlottern und Zittern in deinen Fingern, wenn du nur daran denkst, Cyberpunk könnte auf unserer jetzigen Konsolen-Generation derart schrecklich aussehen. Hide and Seek by CyanideShirogane Fandoms: Kinder bekommen drei mögliche Klassen. Forrest deals with it quite well, but young Kana struggles. Stubs Character pages using the old infobox image format Articles with incomplete sections. The land of Valla is also considered to be enchanted, magical even.

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